Camping Kirkland Rules


To avoid any misunderstanding and to provide a most pleasant stay to our visitors, Camping-Plage Kirkland has established some basic rules applicable at all times to our visitors. We recommend that you read these rules carefully before contacting us for a reservation.

  1. Registration is mandatory for all visitors and vehicles.

  2. The tenant agrees to keep their camping spot clean and free of papers, bottles, garbage, etc...

  3. Garbage must be put in garbage bags and placed along the street. Pick up will be every evening after 8:00PM.

  4. It is strictly forbidden to cut branches or damage trees on the campground and in the surrounding forest (it is an environmentally protected zone). Trespassers will be fined 100$.

  5. Curfew is at 11:00PM. It is strictly forbidden to make noises (singing, music, television, etc) between 11:00PM and 9:00AM!

  6. Please be respectful to your neighbours by keeping your radio or television volume at an acceptable level day and night. Thank you for your understanding!

  7. Gates will be closed between 11:00PM and 6:30AM.

  8. It is strictly forbidden to move from one site to another using your cars.

  9. Maximum authorized speed on site is 5km/h. Any person driving carelessly on the site will be expelled immediately!

  10. Only animals on a leash will be tolerated. The animal's owner will have the responsibility to pick up and dispose of its animal's excrement. Your animal must not in any way disturb your neighbors. It is forbidden to bring your animal to the beach or in the lake. Rotweillers and Pittbulls will not be accepted on our site.

  11. Camping-Plage Kirkland inc. will not be held responsible for damages caused by theft, fires, weather or climatic conditions, or by falling trees, branches or any related event.

  12. The renter (Camping-Plage Kirkland inc.) will not be held responsible for any damages or wounds caused to or initiated by tenants, their family members or their guests on the camping ground, the beach or the public areas.

  13. Camping-Plage Kirkland inc. specifically reserves the right to expel, on a simple notice to that effect, any tenant(camper) or group of campers who do not comply to the campground or beach rules and who will be judged undesirable, at the renter's discretion, without any reimbursement or compensation!

Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy your vacation!